Korigad Fort Trek : A Walk in the Heaven

Whenever you feel that you need a little dose of inspiration, liveliness, and thrill, then trekking will be the only answer to fulfill all your requirements. Regardless of the location, a small walk in the midst of nature filled with fresh green grass, muddy pathways, and strong trees will help you put back all your isolated parts together in one soul. That’s what we felt on our trek to korigad fort which is known for its wide-spread valley filled with lush green grass and some surprising cloud visits. So here are some insights about the korigad fort trek which you can utilize while you are planing for it.

Basic Information:-

Korigad (also called Koraigad) is a hill fort located in Lonavala, Maharashtra. It’s a simple one day trek and can be done by anyone, be it a naive or experienced trekker. So you can plan it with your friends/family and take your kids too.

The best season for Korigad fort trek is of course monsoon as you will come across the best views of lush greenery and fresh air in this season. But if you are not ready for monsoon treks then you can visit from September until March.

It’s better if you arrange any private vehicle as there are limited public transports available for reaching Korigad. Take the Ambey Valley road from Lonavala and reach Peth Shahapur village. Parking space is available at the bottom of the fort. As you enter the road to Korigad, you will experience the cold air filled with fog which is the best thing on your way.

Korigad Fort
Korigad Fort

Things to do before starting your trek:-

The trek starts from a base village named Peth Shahapur which is about 1km to the north of the fort. Starting from the bottom you will have to walk through some fields and trees for about 20 minutes or so. You will come across some tea stalls arranged by the locals so you can surely enjoy having a hot tea at the beginning of your trek. If you are planning in monsoon then this is the best thing you can experience over there. There are also corns(butta) available at this stalls which they serve with a tempting combination of salt, lemon and some masala(chutney as it is mostly called in Maharashtra).

The starting point of the trek:-

Korigad Stairs
Korigad Stairs

Korigad fort trek is easy and effortless as there are stairs so you can simply climb up the fort. A small cave is located at the beginning which is filled with water and a small Ganesh temple beside it. You can capture amazing views at this point as the stairs look stunning in monsoon. All the water from above starts rolling over it and beautiful waterfalls are seen. Don’t miss out the views at certain points from heights as you will experience the beauty of Ambey Valley from these points.

It will take hardly 45 mins – 1 hour to reach the top of the fort. There’s a huge door upstairs. Once you reach the top, just keep all your belongings down, open your arms and move your head up to the sky. Just experience this moment of fresh air and spend some peaceful time. At this moment, we felt lucky enough as a bunch of dark clouds approached us and splashed the water with running breezes. The nature was just spoiling us with its immense beauty and making us more attracted towards it. Once you enjoy such moments, explore the huge spread land at the top which you can use for capturing some beautiful pictures.

Korigad Lake
Lakes as the top of Korigad Fort

Explore the fort:-

Start exploring the fort from any one of the sides. You will come across 2 lakes on one side of the fort. The water in these lakes in monsoon is clean and not so deep at the starting points. But please be aware and avoid going much deep as the depth cannot be measured at these times. The wall of the fort is completely intact so you can walk all over the fort through the boundary.

So you can explore each and every corner of the fort and also get to experience some amazing views from each side. There is a small temple of goddess Korai Devi. It can accommodate 20-25 people. The fort also has around six cannons. The largest one of which is called Laxmi Tomph and it is located near the temple. At one side of the fort, a small pinnacle is built. The fort is very huge and at its best in monsoon as all the land fills with grass.

There are two families who have their stalls at the top beside the lakes. They sell some snacks so if you are hungry and left with no food then don’t worry, you can fill your empty stomach with some piquant snacks. You can cook food in the temple and it can accommodate 20-25 people.

Korigad Front Side
View from pinnacle

Final words:

You will find the korigad fort trek quite overwhelming owing to its simple trails, wide-spread regions, picturesque views, and most importantly, the continuous fresh air breezes intensely skimming your skin. So let us know if you are planning your next trek to Korigad and put your thoughts about it in the comment section. We will be glad to help you in planning your trek. Till then, keep exploring!