Pawna Lake Camping : Costing & Reviews

We all need some breaks in our life, be it a long vacation or a one day trip. You might hardly find any time for relaxing yourself but the world is filled with tremendous destinations. All you have to do is keep aside all your work and give yourself some time to indulge in the nature’s wilderness. We know some of you might be wanting to visit a far-off distant land to soak in the ethereal beauty of nature but have no chances due to busy work schedule. That’s why we thought of introducing you to Pawna Lake Camping which is situated just within a distance of 3-4 hours from Mumbai. We are sure this camping trip will delight your soul and re-energize you with a sparkling effect.

Pawna Lake Camping Tikona View
Pawna Lake Camping Tikona View

Camping offers you many things. It allows you to stay in the wildness of nature and explore the beauty of it. The pleasing sound of birds, bright stars in the sky, a bonfire to keep you warm in the midst of cold breezes. This is all you need to find true peace and happiness.


So want to go on a camp with your loved ones? No worries!!! We have a lot of camping options near Mumbai and Pune. Pawna Lake Camping is one of those. Pawna lake is located in Lonavala. The distance of Pawna lake from Lonavala station is ~19 to 20 Kms. The campsites are located all over the lake. So the distance merely depends on the location of your campsite.

Searching for the best Pawna lakeside camping?

While searching for the best campsite at Pawna we found ourselves confused. We were in search of a place which will be best for the sunrise. It should also be located close to the railway station as we traveled by train until Lonavala station.

As we narrowed our search, we left with 2 options and the final one being Pawna Lake Camps.

There are many others who offer various packages. You just need to keep on narrowing your search and pick the one which best suits your needs.

Pawna lakeside Camping for Family / Friends or Groups:

They offer various packages that you can explore at their website. All the Pawna Campsites are family and couple friendly. Some of them offer big tents for groups.

Pawna Lake Camping Night Tents View
Pawna Lake Camping Night Tents View

Camping is best experienced with a combination of cold breeze, bright stars, bonfire but along with it, you should at least have a glimpse of either a sunrise or a sunset.

Pawna Lake Camping Sunrise
Pawna Lake Camping Sunrise

We booked Location “I” as we wanted to experience the sunrise. There are other locations like Location “G” and Location “H” which are on the opposite side of the lake.

While searching for the best campsites for sunrise or sunset, you can look into google maps while choosing the location. If your campsite is located on the Tung Fort side, i.e on the west of Pawna Lake, you will see the sunrise. If it is on the opposite side, you will see the sunset. This might not be significant for everyone but yes it is for many people out there.

Boat View
Pawna Lake Camping Boat View

We loved our location because this was the only one right beside the lake. Our package included boating, music system, sports activities (cricket, football, volleyball, dart game, archery, badminton) and other basic things which all the other campsites get. Live music was not included in the package but we were lucky enough as on the same day there were many bookings and the coordinator arranged a Live Music session as well. The BBQ was finely roasted and food quality was awesome as well.

Camping Cost:

Important Note: It will be best if you travel with your private vehicle.

Considering our package price i.e 1000 rupees per head + train tickets from Mumbai(Thane) to Lonavala and return journey cost less than 300 rupees per head (As the train fare differs for each train) + traveling from Lonavla station to campsite and return journey cost 600 per head by auto.

Many of the campers offer their cabs from Lonavala station which costs 1000-1500 for a group of 8-10 people. So if you have a group with around 8-10 people, then you can coordinate with the site manager and ask them to book a cab for you. If you are only 2 people or max 3 people, it will be really hard to find the other campmates to share the cab and then finally you will find yourself bargaining with auto drivers for reaching the campsite as they charge around 1000-1200 rupees.

As Location “I” was far away from the railway station (27 Kms), it cost us more. It may not be the same for everyone as many sites are at different locations.

Another reason we suggest to travel with your private vehicle is that the check out time is 11 am or 12 noon. So you can explore other places near Lonavala.

What else is offered at Pawna Lake?

You can explore the surroundings. If you are fond of activities, then many of them offer rappelling, boating, swimming (with life jacket), etc.

If you wish to know any more details, then do let us know in the comments below and keep exploring :).