One day trek to Peb Fort

Peb Fort trek is the best budget one day trek near Mumbai. You can complete this trek within ~4 to 5 hours from the rail route. Perhaps, you can easily plan your one day trek to Peb Fort. Many of the trekkers often visit Peb fort multiple times due to its amazing mountain ranges and panoramic views. One day trek to Peb fort can really gift you well owned time to explore new trails and keep yourself away from the city chaos.

Peb Fort Details:-

Peb Fort is also called Vikatgad. It is named Vikatgad due to is pinnacle’s shape resembling with elephant-headed god “Ganesh”. Peb fort derives its name from “Goddess Pebi” and is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra.

Peb Fort Mountain View
Peb Fort Mountain

The human tendency is the only thing that makes some things really happen. If you wish to do something, do it. If you wish to climb that steep mountain, do it. Things won’t always go your way.

Sometimes, there will be many obstacles. But if you have that courage and commitment towards your goal, no one can stop you. You will start challenging yourself to make those things happen for yourself and finally, you will achieve it. That’s when your human tendency will be tested.

Peb fort trek was a similar one for us which taught us that we can do anything if we really wish to do it. This was one of the most beautiful destinations we had on our bucket list. The temple which is located at the top of a mountain gives a spectacular view.

We wanted to experience this view and yes we did experience it!!!

Peb fort trek basically has 2 routes:-

Route 1: Via Fanaswadi village 

Time taken for this route: ~3 to 4 hours (one way)

Difficulty level: Moderate.

Route 2: Toy train rail route

Time taken for this route: ~1.5 to 2 hours (one way)

Difficulty level: Easy to bit moderate

As this trek hardly takes less than 5 hours, it is one of the best one-day treks near Mumbai. The best time is of-course monsoon. People need to take care of some hard rock and steep patches in monsoon.

Beginning of the trek:-

We boarded Karjat local early in the morning and reached Neral station by 7 am. After having a tasty breakfast at the railway station we headed towards looking for a cab.

We decided to take the toy train rail route for our trek. The taxi’s cost 80 rupees per person to reach the gate of Matheran hill station.

We were unaware of the right route so this trek led to exploring the unknown trails. Many adventures are made when you don’t have any idea about the next steps. If you plan everything before starting your trek, there will be nothing much to remember as most of the things might have worked in the way you have thought of them to happen.

It is good to keep everything perfect but it is best to keep some things unknown. These are the times you will learn to experience new things, to accept new challenges, to be ready for whatever that is coming your way.

Finding our way through the trails:-

After reaching the Matheran hill station gate, one has to take a right from this gate which leads to toy train rail tracks. Some people even get down in the middle of ghat where the rail tracks cross the roads. At one point, there is a board displaying “Way to Kadyavarcha Ganpati” in Marathi. From here as well the trek can be started.

By asking about the right direction after taking right from the gate, we came across the rail tracks of the toy train. Here, we were confused as to which direction we should follow as there were no signs displaying the way to Peb Fort.

After walking for 20 minutes, we came to know that we were in the wrong direction. We had to again head to the starting point where we came across the rail tracks.

Note: There is no entry fees for Peb Fort Trek.

So the proper way to reach Peb Fort is by taking right from Matheran hill station gate, walking through the parking area until you reach the rail tracks of toy train and taking a right which will descend towards the ghat.

These tracks are covered by exquisite trees. The views while walking through these tracks are delightful.

Toy Train Rail Track
Toy Train Rail Track

We kept walking but were still unaware that whether we were going in the right way as we did not see any signboard of Peb Fort for 20-30 mins.

Landmarks for the Peb fort trek:-

After some time we had a glimpse of “Kadyavarcha Ganpati” which is one of the landmarks for Peb Fort Trek.

Kadyavarcha Ganpati At Peb Fort
Kadyavarcha Ganpati

We felt joyful after looking at this stunning view as we found one landmark and also the religious feelings struck when we saw Lord Ganesha’s idol.

We followed the rail tracks further until we found our other landmark which was a small entry gate with a hanging bell. It initiates the main trek route of Peb Fort.

Hanging Bell Landmark for Peb Fort
Hanging Bell Landmark for Peb Fort

One has to just follow the steps which descend from this small gate. The route is fairly visible but very small. After crossing the valley, you have to climb the adjacent mountains which have some caves, a small temple of great saint Swami Samarth and a temple at the top of the mountain.

There are 3 rock patches that are highly steep and difficult to cross. If you are careful enough then don’t bother about it. These are highly risky only in monsoon due to slippery patches.

After climbing the mountain, the trail is quite easy. In between, we came across two iron ladders that are built along with the rock structures. We were almost close to our destination after completing it. We kept following the trail as it is helpful for the people to remember the path towards the temple.

There are many people always adding some value to every fort by creating ways for fellow trekkers and making it easy for them.

At the top of Peb Fort:-

Lord Datta Temple At Peb Fort
Lord Datta Temple at the top of Peb Fort

The view at the top of the mountains amazed us as we were always wondering to experience it. A mountain top with the wide-open sky, 3 sides with open valleys and a small temple of Lord Datta at the summit.

The best part of the trek was when we got to hoist the flag of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj after coming this way long. Unexpected good things in life are the ones which make you happy and that’s what we experienced. That’s how our trek to Peb Fort gave us a happy ending.