6 Fascinating Places to Visit in Coorg

Coorg – a city in the southernmost part of India, residing in the state of Karnataka has a tag as Scotland of India. Because of its reflection with most of the cities in Scotland, it has acquired this name. Coorg offers one of the best places to visit in India due to its natural landscapes, hilly regions filled with dense forest and specialty in growing spices, coffees and chocolates.

Places to Visit in Coorg - Dubare
Flaunting Beetlenut Trees – Dubare

People here are friendly, helpful and always ready to help others.

So why not explore such beauty?
We were on a group trip to Coorg and explored these best places to visit in Coorg which you can add in your bucket list of Coorg.

1. Dubare Elephant Camp – One of our favorite places to visit in Coorg.

The first one on our list was The Dubare Elephant Camp. Situated on the river banks of Kaveri in Karnataka, the Dubare Elephant Camp serves to be a home for plenty of Elephants. It is a well-maintained camp where you will love to experience the activities with elephants. The elephants are taken care of by bathing, feeding and also serve the purpose of revenue generation by fulfilling the excitement among tourists.

These elephants were trained for Mysore Dasara (A 10-day festival observed in Sept or Oct in Karnataka). But as the logging operations ceased, the elephants turned to be unemployed and a serious question of conserving this wildlife arrived. Since then the idea of attracting tourists to visit the elephant camp was taken into consideration. They charge a ticket of Rs 20 to enter the Dubare Elephant Camp. Also while bathing the elephants, if you wish to enjoy an elephant shower, you need to pay extra money to the owner of the elephant.

As the camp is situated on the river banks, one needs to cross the river to enjoy these fun-filled activities. There was an option to reach by boat but we were ready for additional fun and reached by crossing the river on our own. Crossing the river is not so difficult but you need to be careful as some of the rocks are slippery.

“Still water river rafting” is also an additional activity available at the same location. The timings for this activity are 8 am to 4.30 pm and they charge Rs 200 per person for a ride of 1.5 Km.

2. Namdroling Monastery or The Tibetan Golden Temple in Bylakuppe.

Namdrolling Nyimgmapa Monastery - Places to visit in Coorg
Namdrolling Nyingmapa Monastery

The Namdroling Monastery or Tibetian Golden Temple is a Buddhist Monastery situated in Bylakuppe. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Coorg and one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India. The timings for visiting the monastery are 9 am to 6 pm and the prayers are performed at 1 pm. You can feel the good vibes around the monastery while the prayers are going on.

There are around 5000 monks and nuns in this monastery. Usually, the young Tibetans who are seeking education along with the meaningful purpose of life come to this place. The place is calm and encloses a spiritual vibe that takes you away from your daily busy life and presents you with a different world.

Buddha Statues at Namdrolling Monastery - Places to visit in Coorg
Buddha Statues at Namdrolling Monastery

There are no entry fees and no restrictions on capturing the beauty of Monastery. You can spend your valuable time here. The Monastery also includes a building that is the home for the monks. The three great statues are of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha Amitayus beginning from the left respectively.

3. Coffee Plantations – Another favorite from places to visit in Coorg.

Your trip to Coorg will be incomplete if you miss visiting the coffee plantations. The coffee plantations in Coorg are one of the finest coffee plantations in India.

Coffee berries - Places to visit in Coorg
Crimson Red and Green Coffee Berries

These coffee plantations surround majority of the hilly region in Coorg. Most of them are privately owned and taken care of by hiring people to work and paying them reasonable wages. The 2 most famous species of coffee called Arabica and Robusta are grown here. You can come across a spread of land filled with bushes and huge trees enclosing the coffee plants. Some of the coffee plantations are easily noticeable while road tripping.

Coffee Plantations
Coffee Plantations

You need to hire a guide to visit the private properties and look at the processing of coffee and the journey from its flowers to a cup. We visited one of the privately-owned coffee plantations and took their guide to enjoy the whole tour of huge trees and their significance in producing coffee.

They usually charge around Rs 350 per person for guiding but you can avail group discounts if a large number of people are there.

4. Raja’s Seat.

Raja’s Seat means “Seat of the Kings”, is a natural picturesque spot located in the town of Madikeri. It was a place for old Kings of Coorg to experience the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the top of this hilly region.

Raja's Seat - Places to visit in Coorg
Raja’s Seat

The environment is cool and calm being surrounded by nature and it is based inside a well-built garden. Artificial musical fountains, toy trains, and widespread small flowery plants are another point of attraction for the tourists. This place offers a scenic view from the top. To soothe your eyes with the best view, you should visit it at sunrise or sunset. The entry fee is just Rs 5 per person. You can visit here from 6 am to 8 pm.

5. Abbey Falls:-

Abbey Falls is one of the famous places to visit in Coorg because of its unique natural escape. As you enter the gate, you will start hearing the gushing sound of water making its way from the mountains to the Kaveri river. The large fence built along the walls to reach these falls preserve the forest and waterfall from devastation.

Abbey Falls - Places to visit in Coorg
Abbey Falls

The wild forest exhilarates you as you walk through the 100m long path from the gate to the waterfall. The coffee plantations cover the majority of the forest.

Forest surrounding the path to Abbey Falls
Forest surrounding the path to Abbey Falls

6. Raja’s Tomb:-

Another one on the list of Coorg attractions is Raja’s Tomb. These Indo-Islamic tombs of Kodagu Kings Lingaraja and his wife Devammaji and King Virarajendra and his wife Mahadevammaji were built in 1801 A.D and 1821 A.D respectively. On the leftmost side of the tombs is another tomb of Rudrappa who was the preceptor of these kings.

Raja's Tomb - Places to visit in Coorg
Raja’s Tomb

The tomb has an entry with inclined paths fenced with small plants. The rock sculpted steps lead to the main door of the tomb. You will come across the graves situated in the center of the tomb. At the bottom is a small Nandi sculpture. The square-shaped lotus architecture holds a huge Kalasha at the top.

Entry fee – They charge Rs 5 per person for the maintenance purpose of the tombs.

You can also visit the Omkareshwara Temple. Madikeri Fort or go for river rafting at Barapole River. So these were some of the best places we explored in Coorg. Have you been to Coorg too? We would be glad to hear about your travel journeys from your Coorg trip.

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