Places to visit in Malvan – Maharashtra

Planning a destination for the vacation is simpler than planning the whole trip itself. If it’s a beach vacation for Mumbaikars, then the first to hit the list is Goa. But there are a lot more beaches in Maharashtra itself which can scratch out Goa from your bucket list. The most serene and calm place to offer such beauty is Malvan. Malvan is a town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra often known for its clean beaches. There are multiple places to visit in Malvan if you are planning your vacation here.

Malvan is famous for fishes. It is also known for the production of Alphonso Mangoes. The other famous things that attract are Ambavadi (Dried mango pulp), Cashewnuts, Fanaspoli (Dried Jackfruit pulp), Kokani Meva, etc.

If you are confused about where’s and how to’s for your trip to Malvan, here’s a walkthrough of our Malvan trip.

How to reach Malvan?

To visit Malvan, you can head to the Kankavli railway station from your nearby railway station. Hire an auto from Kankavli station to reach your hotels. It takes usually 1-1.5 hrs to reach Malvan from Kankavli railway station. Tourist attractions here are not so far from each other. Look for stays that are nearby to most of the places to visit in Malvan.

Our Stay:

We stayed at a place named Malvanite – The Creek House, which was located at the backwaters of Devbaug. It was splendid as the room booked by us was facing backwaters, we experienced a beautiful sunrise with the birds chirping around. Such views can make your day start with an amazing spark and leaves a beautiful memory for a lifetime.

Other stay options in Malvan:

You can book hotels from any travel agent or through travel booking sites. If you are planning for more than 1-day trip then choose a place close to the beach to experience the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset depending on the window face side.


How to visit nearby places?

Most of the hotels have contacts with travel agents so you can either borrow a 2- wheeler or 4- wheeler on a rent basis. This is the best way to visit different places in Malvan.

What to do?

WaterSports – You can visit Chiwla Beach. We suggested Chiwla Beach because here you get a wide range of activities like Scuba Diving and other water sports such as Paragliding, Jet-Ski, Banana Ride, Bumper Boat Ride. The best time for Scuba diving starts from October end until February. The rates for Scuba diving vary between 800-1200 per person and other sports vary between 600-800 per person. Other beaches offering these water sports are Tarkarli Beach, Tsunami Island and Devbaug Beach.

Places to visit in Malvan:

There are many places where you can go by planning the destinations as per your vacation. We covered Chiwla Beach, Sindhudurg Fort and Rock Garden in 1 day. The next day we covered Devgad Beach, Kunkeshwar Temple, and Kankavli Market on our way home.

Sindhudurg Fort:

For reaching the Sindhudurg fort, you need to reach Malvan Port. Borrow a ferry ticket and head to the fort with other people on the ferry. The ferry riders accommodate the passengers properly to balance the boat. You will feel the wildness and beauty of the ocean on your way to the fort.

You can explore the historical structures once you reach the Sindhudurg fort. As many of them are in not good condition, their reconstruction is in progress. Please do not litter such places as we have seen many people just throw away wrappers anywhere.

Places to visit in Malvan -SINDHUDURG FORT

Rock Garden:

It is one of the famous tourist attractions among the places to visit in Malvan. We found peace while spending our time here as being far away from a rushful life and being close to nature’s beauty is another way of meditation. If you want to spend some time with your loved ones with a beautiful sunset and splashing waves of the ocean, then this is the place you will definitely find worth it. Yes and things you should not miss are the tempting Pani-Puri’s and corn chat. They just fit in perfectly for any beach as a cherry on a cake.

Places to visit in Malvan - ROCK GARDEN SEASHORE

Kunkeshwar Temple:

It is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea. It is 60 kilometers from Kankavli. You can visit this temple by hiring any local cabs.

Places to visit in Malvan -KUNKESHWAR TEMPLE

Devgad Beach:

One of our favorite places in Malvan is this amazing, eye-catching view of Devgad Beach. You will see plenty of windmills here. The panoramic view from the stairs improves the overall beauty of this place.

Places to visit in Malvan - DEVGAD BEACH


That was all about our Malvan journey. We headed back after spending 2 days in Malvan and a lot of memories with us. Let us know if you have any other queries regarding the places. We will be happy to help you. 🙂

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