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We are Abhishek & Sonali, two childhood friends, and the souls behind ‘The Destination Roamers’ travel blog. First of all, welcome to our blog, and thanks for finding an interest in knowing more about us.  

‘The Destination Roamers’ is a place where we share our travel experiences about exquisite destinations through which we want to inspire and help you in your travel life. We work full-time along with this blog and try our best to turn our travel dreams into plans.

Sonali Dhanawade - The Destination Roamers - About Us

Meet Me

Hello! I am Sonali, a former Software Engineer turned Travel Blogger & Content Writer. All the words you see on this blog emerge right from my heart. I would like to describe myself as a person who aspires to live life without any regrets. I love indulging in nature, exploring it, and creating memories that I can cherish forever. Besides, I spend my time reading books, blog posts, and playing guitar. (PS – Not a good singer, though!)

Abhishek Shinde - The Destination Roamers - About Us

Meet Abhishek

Hey there! I am Abhishek, a traveler who desires to live an extraordinary life. I love exploring new places on Instagram and adding them to our travel bucket list. I also love editing photos, videos, and playing guitar in my free time. Yeah, we both learned it, but we are not good singers 😛 . I can say that I am a person who listens and does things that my heart wants. And yes, I love beaches, mountains and everything that nature has to offer.

Our Story

Abhi and I (Sonali) are school-childhood friends who share a great bond and similar interests. The thoughts about traveling already placed roots in our hearts while we both were pursuing our graduation. We used to tell each other that no matter what, we will travel as much as we can( P.S – There’s always a friend who encourages the other friend to travel together. Well, for solo travelers, this one friend might be their heart 😉 )

After graduation, we both started with our full-time jobs. I was working as a Software Engineer in an MNC, whereas Abhi was working in the government sector. We were quite excited about our ‘travel dreams’ as we started earning money. You might know the spark that ignites in the heart when we are finally able to achieve something that we have always dreamed of, and that too with our hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, things were not going as we had thought about them. Our long-hours work filled with stressful tasks, daily commutes through heavy traffic, and the inability to find the ‘Me-time’ screwed up our thoughts. Even though we were earning good amounts of salaries, we didn’t feel satisfied as we were unable to experience any personal growth and happiness.

It was until our first trek to Kalavantin that changed our perspective of life. The happiness that we experienced after crossing the steep rock patches and challenging our fears left us spellbound. We both felt overwhelmed and proud of ourselves for completing one of the most dangerous treks in our first attempt.

This trek left a feeling of great achievement in our hearts and encouraged us to bring our ‘travel dreams’ back on track. Later, we went on more such small treks near Mumbai & Pune and also on a short trip to Malvan with our close friends. Since then, we are on our way of turning our travel dreams into plans.

What are the reasons behind starting 'The Destination Roamers' travel blog?

We both wanted to achieve something different than what we were doing with our lives. The reason being, we both were unhappy with our professions and didn’t want to live a life that revolves around the mundane routine. We wanted to indulge in doing things that would make our lives worthwhile. At the same time, our travel experiences were having a positive impact on our thoughts.

They taught us to be independent, meet new people, experience different cultures, and lifestyles. We feel traveling is a form of meditation for people like us who don’t like involving in the new era of busy life where people forget to live in the present. We were addicted to this form of meditation, and hence, thought of getting acquainted with traveling for a lifetime.

Other than that, I was always curious about blogging and had an affinity for words. As we started traveling, I followed some Indian travel bloggers and was inspired by their way of living. One thing I learned from traveling is that you have to experience freedom while you are alive. You never know what tomorrow has to offer you. So, why not live life on your own terms, do whatever you want, and work on things that you love. 

During our travels, I used to read travel blogs and was quite impressed by how some travelers changed their passion into their career. Then I started my research on blogging, traveling, and, most importantly, switching my career. I did this for a month and then expressed my feelings to Abhi in the middle of the night. That’s when we decided to create our own travel blog to fulfill our travel desires. After that, I resigned from my corporate IT job and indulged in writing articles.

Now, I work as a Content Writer for an Internet Marketing company and spend the rest of the time, in adding life to this blog. Besides, Abhi helps me in finding new ideas for the blog as well as spends time in editing the visuals. We are glad that we are living the life of our dreams and fulfilling our travel desires through this blog.

Things that we want to achieve through this blog!

We want to share our travel experiences in a way that inspires you to start your own travel expedition. We will help you to make your traveling easier by sharing useful information about specific destinations. 

On top of that, we feel that life is precious, and you should make it worth living, by doing things that bring you happiness. So, take chances, challenge your fears, and do every possible thing to fulfill your passion.

Want to get in touch with us? If you wish to share your personal experiences or anything else, just drop an email at [email protected] or fill your details in this form. We'd be glad to hear from you.

Thank you!