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Our Story

Everyone has some dreams in their lives and so did we have ours. Exploring the world without any limitations is our dream and we are fulfilling it through “The Destination Roamers”.

Hello there!!!

Thanks for visiting our blog and showing interest in our story. So we’re 2 childhood friends and founders of “The Destination Roamers”. We always loved travelling together and wanted to fulfill our dream of exploring beautiful travel destinations. Having an interest in writing and travelling to places gave us a spark to start our own travel blog and that’s when we created “The Destination Roamers”.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Why we started “The Destination Roamers”?

Travelling makes you free. It teaches you to be independent, to meet new people, experience different cultures, lifestyles, habits. It’s a form of meditation for people like us who don’t want to get involved in the new era of busy life where people forget to live their lives. We were addicted to this form of meditation and thereafter thought of getting acquainted with travelling for a lifetime.

One of the main reasons of starting our own travel blog was to share our experiences with the people and help them in planning their trips to places where we have traveled. One question I always heard is that “Are you a beach person or a mountain person?”. My answer to this question is – “Why does one have to be a beach person or a mountain person if your whole and sole purpose is to travel and explore the beauty of any place?”

The views from the mountain’s top gives you the same happiness which you get from staring at the waves of a sea at any beach. Every place has its own beauty which eventually gives you happiness. 

Perhaps, we are on our mission of finding this happiness and creating lifelong memories out of it. If you love to travel then do keep loving us and share your experiences with us!