The Ultimate Checklist of Things to Pack for a Long Trip

Things to Pack for a Long Trip
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The only challenging task at the beginning of a trip is its packing. The question about what things to pack for my long trip starts running in your mind. We too faced this struggle while packing for our long beach trip in summers and another trip in winters. The problem of packing every essential thing comes into place when it is a long trip. But after coming across the situation twice, we found a damn easy trick and thought of sharing it with you all.

We are sure that you will start packing your bags a week before your trip so that you don’t miss out on anything. So when you start planning your trip, start creating a note in your smartphone’s notepad. Whenever you are lost in your thoughts about what you will be doing on your trip, you will be struck with the things that you will need at that time. Ok, the right time to open your notepad and putting it there. This is how we did it. So easy, isn’t it?

Even then if you feel, you are missing something and need to crosscheck with a travel packing checklist, then continue reading our list of top essential things to pack for your long trip. We have categorized them so that it is easy for you to pick out the specific category and note them down.

1. Personal care essentials to pack for your long trip:

The foremost things to pack on your long trip are your personal care essentials. We know, there are hotels or resorts that provide the toiletries. But, if your skin is not adaptable to other products than what you use daily, it is better to carry your own things. You wouldn’t want to return from your journey with burnt skin or pimples due to the use of different products.

A. Toiletries:

  • Mouthwash – Must have for a long train journey.
  • Comb, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair oil and anything extra that you use daily.
  • Sanitizer.
  • Napkins and Towels.

B. Body Care Products:

  • Mosquito Repellent Creams.
  • Tissues.
  • Wet Wipes (optional or as per need while you are planning for summer trips).
  • Deodorant.
  • Glairs.
  • Eye mask while sleeping (optional but useful).
  • Sunscreens in summer and Moisturizers in winter.
  • Make-up or Grooming Kits

C. Medicines:

  • Band-aids.
  • Eno or any other powder for curing acidity. It is helpful while traveling as we miss our timely meals and the chemicals in our body start playing with each other. So have it and tell them, buddies, let me enjoy my vacation.
  • Other tablets as per your requirements. Do carry ones for pain-relieving and to stop vomiting as these are the commonly faced issues while traveling.

2. Enough Clothes to pack for your long trip:

  • Don’t fill your bag with clothes that you feel you will wear but you will not. Carry 3 pairs for 2-3 days trip, but if you will stay somewhere for more than 3 days or for a long week, then carry only 4-5 pairs. As most of the stays will have a big enough bathroom, you can do your laundry and wear them instead of taking all your wardrobe to your vacation :P. We know this will not be preferred by many of them, but it is fair enough.
  • Scarves, Socks, Hats.
  • Gloves (optional).
  • Undergarments for ( No.of days + 1 ) that you will be spending out.
  • Extra pair of undergarments while going on a beach vacation.
  • Carry a jacket as per the seasons need.
  • Small blanket while traveling in winters.

3. Shoes:

  • A pair of slippers or loafers.
  • A pair of casual shoes.

4. Gadgets or Appliances to pack for your long trip:

Travel Gadgets - Things to Pack for a vacation
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  • Charger and Power Bank. Avoid using the charger in public areas as some connections might disrupt your phone’s functionality. So make use of Power Banks when you are traveling and use chargers when you stay somewhere.
  • Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Camera, Extra Memory Card, Charger.
  • Laptop and Hardisk (As per your need).

5. Cards/Documents to take on your long trip:

  • Carry your debit/credit cards.
  • Cash – Do not carry too much cash. You will spend half of your journey worrying about the cash that you will be carrying. Have a rough calculation about your expenses and keep only the required amount of cash in your bags. You don’t need to worry about withdrawing cash as nowadays ATMs are available everywhere. But if you are traveling at a place where you feel you won’t get any ATMs, you are good to go with cash.
  • Government Id proofs.
  • Copies of your tickets(In case of Waiting List scenario in train journey they don’t accept soft copies)

SO that’s it with all the basic and essential things you would require for a long trip. If you have any other thing that needs to be mentioned, then do let us know in the comments below :).